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Bearings Lubricants

We are offering bearings lubricants like ep moly grease and electric motors grease.

EP Moly Grease 

Is your bearing Running In High Temperature / Making A Noise In Operation Or The Grease Is Leaking Out From The Seal?
Solution : S.G.350 E.P Moly Grease Non Melt

S.G 350 E.P Moly grease non melt is a NLGI 2 Molybdenumdysulphide grease having no drop point and operating temperatures at 310c will not melt or harden/dryout , can sustain impact and high thrustloads suitable of all high temperature and high load applications readmore
EP Moly Grease

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Electric Motors Grease 

E.M.350 Blue Polyurea Based Grease for Electrical Motors

Electric Malfunctions / Eddy Current Formed In Your Electrical Motor Bearings With Leakage And Excessive Heating Of Your Electrical Motors?

Solution; E.M.350 Blue Polyurea Based Grease for Electrical Motors

E.M.350 BLUE GREASE is a non conductive polyurea grease specially designed for electrical motors, its advanced thickner formulation and gel binder system provides low noise characteristics, high temp improve motor bearing performance, protection and long life. The excellent shear stability of this grease prevents it from bleeding into rotor/stator air space
Electric Motors Grease

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